Sushi Taro – Good Sushi, Bad Experience

Last night we finally tried Sushi Taro to celebrate our future anniversary (We are getting married on May 9th next year!!). After talking about trying the happy hour for some time (we never could quite make it to DC in time during a work week between traffic and getting out of work on time), Greg surprised me with roses and  reservations to Sushi Taro.


Surprise Roses!

Unfortunately dinner was a bit of a bust. We arrived 4 minutes late for our reservations at 9:30, were seated promptly but had to wait about 15 minutes for a server to greet us. While waiting we perused the menu and decided we would prefer to try the sushi tasting menu that Greg read about on the website. By the time our waitress arrived, we were informed that they no longer were serving the tasting menu as it takes 2.5 hours and that the latest seating for the tasting menu is 9:30 (but we were there at 9:34, seriously?).

We ended up ordering several pieces of sushi and several different rolls and started with a seaweed salad.  seaweed salad was more salad (came with tomato and lettuce)  than seaweed although it did have some interesting seaweed varieties that I have never had before and the dressing (maybe ginger peanut?) served on the side was delicious.  Overall I was a bit disappointed as I order a seaweed salad for the seaweed .

Next came our sushi and rolls. After we had put in our order, our server came back to let us know that the chef was out of two of our choices (flounder sushi and yellow tail and scallion roll). They also were out of fresh wasabi. We went with a tuna avocado roll instead and at that point noted that all rolls come rice on the inside. We love rice on the outside and requested this change but did not catch this in time so only the tuna avocado roll came with rice on the outside. And there is an extra charge for this! I don’t understand why its more expensive to make rolls this way but we’ve had up charges at several sushi restaurants for this.

The sushi/rolls were fresh and delicious despite the rice on the inside. Greg tried to flip it inside out but the rice was too sticky. As far as the fish, definitely in the top of sushi restaurants in DC. I generally prefer rolls but the fatty tuna and another white fish were amazing!! We forgot to take a picture until we had eaten most of our meal (it was late, we were hungry and the food was delicious!) but you can get an idea for what we had at dinner.

Our advice – Go Early!!  (Make it to the happy hour at 5 if possible for the best value) With our late reservation,  we were unable to try the tasting menu and the kitchen was out of some of our first choices.  And if you prefer rice on the outside, don’t forget to request this when placing your order.


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