Eventide: Suprisingly Good for an Odd Bar

Greg and I went to Eventide (http://www.eventiderestaurant.com/) for dinner about two weeks ago after he had read some good reviews including a review from Tom Sietsema. We had a nice evening, the dining room has a good ambiance, wasn’t too stuffy, but also not too loud and overcrowded. The seating was very interesting, the booths had an arm rest on the side that must be opened in order to get into the booth. Made it feel very cozy!  We’ve started to add a spoiler alert to summarize our rating of the restaurant for those of you who don’t have time or patience to read all our musings.

Spoiler Alert (Ratings out of 4 stars)
Category: Clarendon
Food: 3 stars
Service: 3 stars
Value: 2.5 stars
Summary of our food
Drinks: Blackberry cocktail and wine is ok, nothing special. 
Complimentary Bread: I was delighted to find biscuits in the bread basket. The biscuits were buttery, flaky, and melt in your mouth good. 
Appetizers: Beet salad also delicious, good marriage of flavors. Walnuts, bleu cheese, beets, thin slices of beet jelly, and the only pickled egg I’ve ever liked topped the salad along with a balsamic vinaigrette with ahint of horseradish. The Oyster soup is very good to excellent. Included 4 big fat oysters, a lobster bisque broth with bits of ham, celery and of course oyster crackers. 
Entrees: Scallop and fried artichoke entree tasty. Contained 4 large scallops nicely browned and sliced and fried bottom quarters of artichoke (artichokes a little too charred for our taste but we still cleaned the plate).  Dish accented with three sauces, ricotta bleu cheese sauce, black garlic puree and a red pepper sauce. Red pepper went great with the fried artichoke. However, the scallops were best on their own without the sauce as when cooked well don’t need anything added.
The lobster roll (actually an appetizer but I ate it for dinner) was the best we’ve had in DC area and sadly we havent had one from anywhere else yet. New England is on our vacation list at some point. It was served open face style with shredded lobster mixed with green onion and topped with two claw clumps. Two different kinds of mayo/aoli were served on the side. I found the aioli on the side to be key as you can choose how much to add. I’m always sad when the mayo overpowers the lobster but I was not disappointed by Eventide’s take on the lobster roll.
Dessert: We finished our meal with a strawberry polenta cake and fought over the last bite ( I won:).

Thanks all, until next time.



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