Eating In

Eating out is great fun but is not so kind to the waistline. With our wedding coming up, I want to eat healthier so am working on finding easy quick and tasty recipes that work for both me (I don’t like much meat) and Greg (who doesn’t like many veggies). I would like to develop a list of staple recipes that I can always turn to in a pinch.

This week I made chicken and artichokes (, a recipe from Dinner a Love Story blog. I had high hopes for the recipe as it is easy and sounded tasty. Our meal turned out eatable but not one that I would care to eat again.

Other recipes that I’m thinking of trying out this week are Crispy Black Bean Quesadillas with Feta and Slaw (, Sausage Bean & Kale stew, some kind of fish with Trader Joe’s Miso Broth, or Sweet Potato, Blackbean and Corn Enchiladas ( . . . . Wish me luck! Hopefully I will find some winners to make the process of deciding what to cook each week easier with less wasted leftovers.


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